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And who is this JulS?

Glad you're here - I'm Julia!  

I'm in love with my two cats England, Scotland & Ireland, flea markets,

Notebooks, old photos, books, old furniture, dried flowers  and second-hand & vintage fashion.

This is how JulsVintage came about

I was a consumer-oriented woman, always had an eye on the latest trends and stuffed my emotional holes with new clothes from well-known fashion chains on a weekly basis. My closet was overflowing with things I neither needed nor made me happy.  

After a big personal change and a move in July 2017, I reduced myself a lot and consumed less and less off-the-rack clothes. Instead, I preferred to look for favorite pieces from the past and  I learned to appreciate these special pieces in a completely different way.  From the end of 2017 I only bought second hand.  


Flea markets, vintage and second-hand shops have become a must, especially when travelling. I love learning the stories behind the garments.


During a trip to Berlin in November 2018 and several visits to second-hand shops, the impulse suddenly came. I want to share my own online shop and my story, my love and my vision with others. In January 2019 I founded JulsVintage.

I want people to appreciate what they wear every day and fall in love with their very own personal favorites again.  

I want to share the treasures with you and show you that fashion has no time limit.

Your Julia!

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